The Support Center for Regulatory Air Models bulletin board (SCRAM BBS) maintains a

number of air quality models for distribution, including the MESOPUFF II modeling system.

The SCRAM BBS MESOPUFF II modeling package consists of the model and processors,

associated documentation, and an example problem. The initial task in evaluating the

IWAQM Phase 1 recommendations regarding MESOPUFF II was to review these BBS

distribution files and example problem, and suggest improvements to the package.


We were successful in locating and retrieving the MESOPUFF II modeling package and

associated documentation from the SCRAM bulletin board. Downloading the four

MESOPUFF II "zipped" files required approximately three hours (at 2400 baud rate). No

problems were encountered in expanding the files and executing the test case. The test case

output obtained on our system (PC/486) was identical to that provided with the model, and no

problems were encountered in the actual mechanics of running the model. In addition,

WordPerfect files for MESOPUFF II documentation were downloaded from SCRAM and

printed. No problems were encountered with that operation.

It should be noted that no test case was provided for the first MESOPUFF II meteorological

pre-processor, called READ62. Thus, this processor was not tested. READ62 reads upperair

meteorological data from tape. Between the execution of READ62 and the execution of

MESOPAC, the user must fill in missing data by hand. This process is likely to cause more

difficulties than the actual execution of the model. As will be described later in this report, a

significant investment of manpower is necessary to create the input files for MESOPAC.

Some omissions were identified in the instructions provided for executing the test case that

might cause confusion for new users. In addition, suggested improvements were made to the

test case post-processing files. Each of these is described in detail below. During the testing

process, one error in an input file supplied for the test case and one error in the model code

itself were identified. These are also described below.

Instructions for Executing the Sample Problem (README.TXT)

The text file README.TXT was included in one of the MESOPUFF II "zipped" files. It

begins with a discussion of how to "unzip" the files, which appears unnecessary since users

who do not know how to unzip files will not be able to access README.TXT.



n1301 - n1302 - n1303 - n1304 - n1305 - n1306 - n1307 - n1308 - n1309 - n1310 - n1311 - n1312 - n1313 - n1314 - n1315 - n1316 - n1317 - n1318 - n1319 - n1320 - n1321 - n1322 - n1323 - n1324 - n1325 - n1326 - n1327 - n1328 - n1329 - n1330 - n1331 - n1332 - n1333 - n1334 - n1335 - n1336 - n1337 - n1338 - n1339 - n1340 - n1341 - n1342 - n1343 - n1344 - n1345 - n1346 - n13247 - n1348 - n1349 - n1350


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