Card Group 17 - PRECIPITATION STATION DATA. 'npsta' cards - one for

each precipitation station.

Columns Typ Variable Description Recommended Value *


1-5 IAE idp Precipitation station As Appropriate


6-15 RAE xpcoor X-coordinate (grid As Appropriate


16-25 RAE ypcoor Y-coordinate (grid As Appropriate


The codes under type correspond to the following: *

I Integer Variable

IA Integer Array

IAE Integer Array Element

R Real Variable

RA Real Array

RAE Real Array Element

C Character Variable

CA Character Array

L Logical Variable

MESOPUFF-II Input Fields

The version of the MESOPUFF-II described below contains

some enhancements from earlier versions. These allow for the

initialization of runs from the results of previous runs and

the output of deposition calculations, both wet and dry.

Some modifications to the modeling code were implemented

to make some of the default values consistent with those

recommended here, and to make some of the calculations, such as

plume rise, consistent with the methods implemented in EPA's

preferred models.

Card Group 1 - TITLE

Columns Typ Variable Description Recommended Value *


1-80 CA title(20) 80 Character Title Appropriate Choice




n1301 - n1302 - n1303 - n1304 - n1305 - n1306 - n1307 - n1308 - n1309 - n1310 - n1311 - n1312 - n1313 - n1314 - n1315 - n1316 - n1317 - n1318 - n1319 - n1320 - n1321 - n1322 - n1323 - n1324 - n1325 - n1326 - n1327 - n1328 - n1329 - n1330 - n1331 - n1332 - n1333 - n1334 - n1335 - n1336 - n1337 - n1338 - n1339 - n1340 - n1341 - n1342 - n1343 - n1344 - n1345 - n1346 - n13247 - n1348 - n1349 - n1350


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