Table A-14 (Concluded)

PXTRACT Control File Inputs (PXTRACT.INP)

NEXT RECORD. Starting/ending dates and times

Columns Format Variable Description *

1-2 I2 IBYR Beginning year of data to process (two


4-5 I2 IBMO Beginning month

7-8 I2 IBDAY Beginning day

10-11 I2 IBHR Beginning hour (01-24 LST)

13-14 I2 IEYR Ending year of data to process (two


16-17 I2 IEMO Ending month

19-20 I2 IEDAY Ending day

22-23 I2 IEHR Ending hour (01-24 LST)


Record format is (8(i2,1x) *

Table A-16

Sample TD-3240 Format Precipitation Data File (040001.DAT)

HPD04000100HPCPHI19820100010010100 00002

HPD04000100HPCPHI19820100010010200 00002

HPD04000100HPCPHI19820100010010300 00004

HPD04000100HPCPHI19820100020010700 00000

HPD04000100HPCPHI19820100030011300 00000M

HPD04000100HPCPHI19820100120010400 00000M

HPD04000100HPCPHI19820100120010500 00000

PMERGE Precipitation Data Preprocessor

PMERGE reads, processes and reformats the precipitation

data files created by the PXTRACT program, and creates an

unformatted data file for input into the MESOPAC meteorological

model. The output file (PRECIP.DAT) contains the precipitation

data sorted by hour, as required by MESOPAC, rather than by

station. The program can also read an existing unformatted

output file and add stations to it, creating a new output file.

PMERGE also resolves "accumulation periods" and flags missing

or suspicious data.

Accumulation periods are intervals during which only the

total amount of precipitation is known. The time history of

precipitation within the accumulation period is not available.

For example, it may be known that within a six-hour

accumulation period, a total of a half inch of precipitation

fell, but information on the hourly precipitation rates within

the period is unavailable. PMERGE resolves accumulation



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