The input files used by PXTRACT include a control file

(PXTRACT.INP) containing user inputs, and a data file

(TD3240.DAT) containing the NCDC data in TD-3240 format. The

precipitation data for stations selected by the user is

extracted from the TD3240.DAT file and stored in separate

output files (one file per station) called xxxxxx.DAT, where

xxxxxx is the station identification code. PXTRACT also

creates an output list file (PXTRACT.LST) which contains the

user options and summarizes the station data extracted. Table

A-12 contains a summary of PXTRACT's input and output files.

The PXTRACT control file contains the user-specified

variables which determine the method used to extract

precipitation data from the input data file (i.e., by state, by

station, or all stations), the appropriate state or station

codes, and the time period to be extracted. A sample PXTRACT

control file is shown in Table A-13. The format and contents

of the file are described in Table A-14.

The PXTRACT output list file (PXTRACT.LST) contains a

listing of the control file inputs and options. It also

summarizes the station data extracted from the input TD-3240

data file, including the starting and ending date of the data

for each station and the number of data records found. The

PXTRACT output data files consist of precipitation data in

TD-3240 format for the time period selected by the user. Each

output data file contains the data for one station.

Table A-12

PXTRACT Input and Output Files

Unit File Name Type Format Description

1 PXTRACT.INP input formatted Control file containing user


2 TD3240.DAT input formatted Precipitation data in NCDC

TD-3240 format

6 PXTRACT.LST output formatted List file (line printer output


7 id1.DAT output formatted Precipitation data (in

(id1 is the TD-3240) format for station #1

6-digit for the time period selected

station by the user

code for


#1, e.g.,




n1301 - n1302 - n1303 - n1304 - n1305 - n1306 - n1307 - n1308 - n1309 - n1310 - n1311 - n1312 - n1313 - n1314 - n1315 - n1316 - n1317 - n1318 - n1319 - n1320 - n1321 - n1322 - n1323 - n1324 - n1325 - n1326 - n1327 - n1328 - n1329 - n1330 - n1331 - n1332 - n1333 - n1334 - n1335 - n1336 - n1337 - n1338 - n1339 - n1340 - n1341 - n1342 - n1343 - n1344 - n1345 - n1346 - n13247 - n1348 - n1349 - n1350


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