* LWD logical Wind direction field control variable. If

LWD = T, a sounding level is eliminated if

the wind direction field is missing. If

LWD = F, the sounding level is included in

the output file but the wind direction

field is flagged with a "999", if missing.

* LWS logical Wind speed field control variable. If LWS

= T, a sounding level is eliminated if the

wind speed field is missing. If LWS = F,

the sounding level is included in the

output file but the wind speed field is

flagged with a "999", if missing.

* Entered in FORTRAN free format

Table A-3

Sample READ56/READ62 Control File (READ56.INP, READ62.INP)

79, 365, 00, 80, 002, 00, 500. -- Beg. yr, day, hr(GMT), Ending yr, day, hr, top pressure


.TRUE., .TRUE., .TRUE., .TRUE. -- Eliminate level if height, temp., wind direction, wind

direction, wind speed missing ?

PXTRACT Precipitation Data Extract Program

PXTRACT is a preprocessor program which extracts

precipitation data for stations and time periods of interest

from a fixed length, formatted precipitation data file in NCDC

TD-3240 format. Hourly precipitation data is available from

NCDC in large blocks of data sorted by station. For example, a

typical TD-3240 file for California may contain data from over

100 stations statewide in blocks of time of 30 years or more.

Modeling applications require the data sorted by time rather

than station, and usually involve limited spatial domains of

tens of kilometers or less and time periods of one year or

less. PXTRACT allows data for a particular model run to be

extracted from the larger data file and creates a set of

station files that are used as input files by the second-stage

precipitation preprocessor, PMERGE (see PMERGE section)

NOTE: If wet removal is not to be considered by the

MESOPUFF-II dispersion model, no precipitation processing needs

to be done. PXTRACT (and PMERGE) are required only if wet

removal is an important removal mechanism for the modeling

application of interest. In addition, if wet removal is a

factor, the user has the option of creating a free-formatted

precipitation data file that can be read by MESOPAC. This

option eliminates the need to run the precipitation

preprocessing programs for short MESOPAC runs (e.g., screening

runs) for which the input data can easily be input manually.




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