A technique to estimate visibility impacts, based upon

statistical relationships between observed fine particle

concentrations and visibility parameters, has been provided.

The most important constituents in these calculations are the


concentrations of sulfate and the relative humidity. The

modeling techniques, recommended above, will yield

concentration estimates of sulfate and nitrate and the

meteorological fields, used as input to the long range

transport model, contain the relative humidity. Therefore, the

recommended long range transport model can be used to estimate

the impacts of pollutant sources on regional visibility


The recommendations for the use of the long range

transport model include the calculation of the chemical

conversion of SO and NO , and deposition. This is being 2 X

recommended whether the model is being applied to a PSD

increment analysis or to an AQRV analysis. It is recognized

that including these processes will decrease the amount of SO2

calculated by the model, and hence, reduce the calculated

increment concentration. However, these processes are known to

occur over the long range transport distances being modeled

here and their inclusion in the modeling is considered to be

critical for an accurate estimation of impacts. Furthermore,

in an AQRV analysis, the secondary pollutants generated and

removed through these processes are frequently of most concern.



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