From the review of the ARM3 and MESOPUFF-II models, the

IWAQM found neither model to be totally satisfactory. However,

due to the immediate need for a modeling system to estimate

impacts from sources farther than 50 km from a receptor and to

estimate the impacts on visibility and other AQRVs from all

distances, the IWAQM is recommending that the MESOPUFF-II model

be used for these analyses. This recommendation is to be

considered interim, until a more suitable technique can be

developed and tested. The IWAQM is recommending that MESOPUFFII

be run in a somewhat different mode than was previously

suggested by EPA (EPA, 1988), and is recommending some

approaches to integrating the long range modeling system with

regulatory modeling requirements. A relatively simple method,

using steady-state, Gaussian plume models, is suggested as a

way to provide a first estimate of concentrations from long

range transport. The recommendations herein are the

suggestions of the IWAQM; implementation of these

recommendations is a matter for the appropriate regulatory

agencies and should be done in consultation with the

appropriate EPA regional office.

The following recommendations are divided into two

categories. The first is referred to as a "Level I" analysis.

This relatively simple analysis is expected to provide a

conservative estimate of concentrations due to long range

transport. If the Level I estimates indicate that adverse

conditions may be caused in the Class I area of concern, then a

"Level II" analysis, using the MESOPUFF-II modeling system,

should be undertaken.




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