For estimating impacts on AQRVs, the approach need not be

as operationally complicated. Since all AQRV analyses, covered

by this recommendation, involve secondary pollutants, the use

of MESOPUFF-II for all distance ranges was felt to be

acceptable. Although the use of MESOPUFF-II for sources

located close to the Class I area is questionable, their impact

should be quite small due to the small travel times involved.

Also, based on the very stringent Class I increments, any

sources locating close to a Class I area will usually be unable

to emit large quantities of primary pollutants.


Similarly, there are likely to be occasions when long

range transport is to be considered, when it would be desirable

to run a simpler model, for screening purposes, than the

recommended long range transport model. In past applications,

steady-state, Gaussian plume models have been used. Comparison

runs of the MESOPUFF-II, run in a steady-state mode, and the

ISCST2 model indicate that the ISCST2 will frequently produce

similar or higher concentrations, but not under all

circumstances. Since the MESOPUFF-II will use a spatially and

temporally varying wind field when run in an operational mode,

the concentrations it produces will generally be lower than

those produced by the ISCST2 model. If, however, there are

prolonged periods of near stagnation conditions or if

recirculations occur, the ISCST2 will not necessarily produce

conservative concentrations.



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