the 10 meter wind level for all of its calculations. The 10

meter winds did exhibit some very light, almost calm conditions

between the hypothetical source and the receptor area in the

test case. Since the model was always selecting the 10 meter

winds, when the MESOPUFF-II mixed layer average winds were

substituted into appropriate levels in the ARM3 input files,

the ARM3 would always be picking the MESOPUFF-II mixed layer

winds as its 10 meter winds and thus was yielding similar


Subsequent to the discovery of the coding error, the code

was patched, and the ARM3 meteorological and air quality

modeling system was again run. The concentrations from this

run were of the same order as those calculated by the MESOPUFFII. Model Comparison Discussion: Until a more refined

technique can be evaluated, neither of the models under

consideration by the IWAQM to use in the interim are totally

satisfactory. With respect to the meteorological processors,

the MESOPUFF-II processor should incorporate a weighted

interpolation algorithm in the calculation of mixing depths to

avoid the extreme gradients encountered in the current

formulation. The ARM3 processor, on the other hand, should

employ different algorithms for calculating mixing depths and

should change the order of analysis in the diagnostic wind

field calculations to start out with a field interpolated from

the observations as the first-guess field, upon which the

kinematic and blocking effects of terrain should be applied.

The MESOPUFF-II model does not explicitly include any

treatment for the effects of terrain on long range transport

and dispersion. This is a relatively major deficiency with

respect to the needs of the IWAQM. While the ARM3 incorporates




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