The aims and objectives of the network required by the EU are clearly stated in the

FWD. The legal requirements of the Directive for assessment of ambient air quality

are given in Article 5. In addition, the aims of the Directive, as given in Article 1, also

need to be considered:

· establish objectives for ambient air quality in the EU designed to limit or prevent

harmful effects to the environment as a whole and to human health

· assess the ambient air quality in Member States in a uniform manner

· make available to the public information on ambient air quality

· maintain good ambient air quality and improve poor ambient air quality

In order to "assess the ambient air quality in Member States in a uniform manner" the

network should be similarly designed in all Members States. These sites could then be

regarded as the European Ambient Air Quality Directive Network (EAAQDN)

analogous to the EMEP monitoring network for rural areas in Europe.

The information on air quality should be made available to the public and decision

makers. The data will be reported to the Commission in accordance with Article 11

(2). In addition the number of exceedances of alert values will be advised.

The national or local requirements for the network may be different, but to minimise

the burden on the Member States, already established networks may, as far as possible

be accommodated within the requirements of the Directive. New networks should be

established in accordance with a harmonised network design and operation.



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