still considerably higher than those generated by MESOPUFF-II.

Similarly, when the MESOPUFF-II air quality model was run using

the mixing depths generated by the ARM3 meteorological

processor, the calculated maximum concentrations did not change


The wind field from the MESOPUFF-II model was substituted

as input to the ARM3 air quality model. This produced

concentrations quite similar to the MESOPUFF-II air quality

model, using the same wind field. Since this change in the

wind fields generated such different results, it was

anticipated that there might be a region of very light winds

generated by the ARM3 processor. Examination of the plots of

the gridded wind fields of the two models for the time

preceding the maximum concentration calculation, did not elicit

any obvious reason for the vastly different concentration

calculations. The examinations focussed on the Level 2 and 3

fields from ARM3 and the Level 1 field from MESOPUFF-II, since

these were expected to be the respective transport levels for

the hypothetical source being modeled in the test cases. To

check which levels were being selected by the ARM3 to transport

puffs, the code was examined. This lead to the discovery of a

fundamental coding error.

The ARM3 calculates the center of mass of a puff and uses

the wind level at the altitude of the center of mass to

transport the puff. A subroutine is called to extract the wind

data for the appropriate grid cell and level. The algorithm

defined the transport altitude as a fraction of the total model

domain height. This fraction was then compared against the

absolute magnitude of the height of the various wind levels to

select the level of the wind to use. This resulted in a

normalized transport altitude, which would always be less than

or equal to 1, being compared with an array of heights ranging

from 10 to 2400 meters. Thus, the model would always choose



n1251 - n1252 - n1253 - n1254 - n1255 - n1256 - n1257 - n1258 - n1259 - n1260 - n1261 - n1262 - n1263 - n1264 - n1265 - n1266 - n1267 - n1268 - n1269 - n1270 - n1271 - n1272 - n1273 - n1274 - n1275 - n1276 - n1277 - n1278 - n1279 - n1280 - n1281 - n1282 - n1283 - n1284 - n1285 - n1286 - n1287 - n1288 - n1289 - n1290 - n1291 - n1292 - n1293 - n1294 - n1295 - n1296 - n1297 - n1298 - n1299 - n1300


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