to use a weighted interpolation between soundings. Therefore,

if adjoining grid cells are nearer to different soundings, the

calculated mixing depths may be quite different. The only

independent variable in the ARM3 mechanical mixing depth

calculations is the 3000 meter wind speed at that grid cell.

At an altitude of 3000 meters, the wind speed will generally be

relatively high, thus leading to spuriously high mixing depths

at night. The daytime mixing depth calculations, generated by

the ARM3, are too low. The reasons for this have not been

investigated at this time; methods which overcome the problems

with both modeling systems' mixing depth algorithms have been

identified and should be implemented in Phase 2.

3.3.3 Further Air Quality Model Comparisons

After reviewing the mixing height fields and the wind

fields, a likely possibility for the higher concentrations

calculated by the ARM3 model was the tendency for the mixed

layer height to stay at relatively low levels over extended

periods. To test this hypothesis, the previously run test case

was run with the MESOPUFF-II generated mixing depth fields and

the ARM3 generated wind fields as input to the ARM3 air quality

model. This resulted in little appreciable change in the

calculated concentrations; the ARM3 maximum concentrations were



n1251 - n1252 - n1253 - n1254 - n1255 - n1256 - n1257 - n1258 - n1259 - n1260 - n1261 - n1262 - n1263 - n1264 - n1265 - n1266 - n1267 - n1268 - n1269 - n1270 - n1271 - n1272 - n1273 - n1274 - n1275 - n1276 - n1277 - n1278 - n1279 - n1280 - n1281 - n1282 - n1283 - n1284 - n1285 - n1286 - n1287 - n1288 - n1289 - n1290 - n1291 - n1292 - n1293 - n1294 - n1295 - n1296 - n1297 - n1298 - n1299 - n1300


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