flow is in a terrain-tangent direction with no change in speed.

If F is greater than F , then flow is not adjusted. r rc

After the domain mean flow is adjusted for both the

kinematic effects of terrain and thermodynamic blocking

effects, the available observational data are combined with

this field to produce a final gridded wind field. This

involves interpolation, smoothing of the analyzed field,

computation of a vertical velocity field and a minimization of

the three-dimensional divergence. The discussion here will

only focus on the interpolation of the observational data into

the modified domain mean wind field, since this feature will

most affect future considerations of the ARM3 wind fields.

The procedure for interpolating both the surface and upper

air data is a modified inverse weighting scheme. The

interpolation is carried out separately for each model level.

Unless otherwise specified, all surface wind observations are

incorporated into the lowest model level. Upper-air

observations are first vertically and temporally interpolated

to model levels and desired simulation times. The terrain

adjusted, domain mean horizontal components of the wind at each

grid point, (u,v) , are modified to yield the observationally 1

interpolated wind, (u,v) as follows: '

This procedure weights the step 1 wind field, (u,v) , 1

heavily in regions far removed from observations. The degree




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