(4) The hourly surface wind data are used to

calculate spatially interpolated surface wind

components (u ,v ) at each grid point. Data from s s

all surface stations within a user-specified

'scan-radius' of a grid point are used to

compute (u ,v ) according to s s


u ,v are the easterly and northerly s s

components of the surface wind at grid

point (i,j),

u ,v are the easterly and northerly k k

components of the surface wind at

surface station k,

r is the distance from the surface station to s

grid point (i,j), and

 is an alignment weighting factor s

( = 1-0.5 |sin  |, where  is the angle s s s

between the observed wind direction and the

line from the surface station to the grid


For equal values of r , alignment weighting s

causes winds at a station directly upwind or

downwind of a grid point to be weighted twice as

heavily as the winds for a station at right

angles to the grid point.

(5) The mixed layer averaged wind at the grid point

is calculated by multiplying the surface wind

speed at the grid point from Step (4) by the

wind speed ratio, R, at the nearest rawinsonde

site. Similarly, the surface wind direction is

adjusted by the wind direction factor, .

Vertically averaged winds from the mixing height

to the 850 mb, 700 mb, or 500 mb levels are

computed in the following manner. The 00 GMT

and 12 GMT winds at each rawinsonde station are



n1251 - n1252 - n1253 - n1254 - n1255 - n1256 - n1257 - n1258 - n1259 - n1260 - n1261 - n1262 - n1263 - n1264 - n1265 - n1266 - n1267 - n1268 - n1269 - n1270 - n1271 - n1272 - n1273 - n1274 - n1275 - n1276 - n1277 - n1278 - n1279 - n1280 - n1281 - n1282 - n1283 - n1284 - n1285 - n1286 - n1287 - n1288 - n1289 - n1290 - n1291 - n1292 - n1293 - n1294 - n1295 - n1296 - n1297 - n1298 - n1299 - n1300


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