the meteorological inputs somewhat differently. The MESOPUFFII

uses a two layer representation of the mesoscale winds. The

lower layer (Level 1) is an average wind defined between the

surface and the mixing depth, while the upper level wind (Level

2) is an average between the mixing depth and an arbitrarily

defined upper bound, usually 700 mb. The ARM3 allows the

selection of the number of layers to represent the winds. In

the test cases run, pursuant to this discussion, six vertical

layers were chosen. An average wind for each of these layers

is calculated by the ARM3 meteorological processor. The

methods used to generate the mixing heights in the two models

are somewhat different. This will be discussed further below. Wind Fields: The wind fields generated by the

MESOPUFF-II processor are spatial and temporal interpolations

of the surface and upper air observations. The method for

calculating the mixed layer wind at each point follows (Scire

et al., 1984a):

(1) A representative rawinsonde sounding (00 or 12

GMT) is selected based upon the stability class

at the nearest surface station to the grid point

and the time of day. Neutral/unstable and

stable conditions are assumed to be represented

by the 00 GMT and 12 GMT sounding, respectively.

(2) Using the sounding selected in Step (1),

vertically averaged u (easterly) and v

(northerly) wind components are computed through

the layer from the surface to the grid point

mixing height.

(3) The ratio, R, of the layer-averaged wind speed

to the surface wind speed at the rawinsonde

station, and the angular difference in the wind

direction,  , between the layer averaged and

surface winds are calculated.



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