To treat the aqueous-phase formation of sulfate,

both mechanisms assume a linear oxidation rate that

depends only on the SO concentrations. RIVAD uses a 2

constant rate of 0.2 percent/hr MESOPUFF uses a rate

that ranges from 0.2 to 3 percent/hr depending on the

relative humidity...

The ARM3 is of a similar nature to the MESOPUFF-II model,

except that it has algorithms which explicitly treat complex

terrain. These include a diagnostic wind model which treats

kinematic and blocking effects of terrain on the air flow,

dispersion parameters for complex terrain, and a correction for

plume height as a plume passes over terrain. These

enhancements should, ostensibly, make it more suitable for

calculations in complex terrain.

3.3 Model Comparison and Further Technical Assessment

Rather than proceed with recommending a model strictly

based upon its reported technical merits, a series of

comparison runs were conducted to test the manner in which the

models function under varying input conditions. The workgroup

also examined the results of the meteorological processors of

the two models under consideration, to appraise the credibility

of the fields produced.

3.3.1 Initial Air Quality Model Comparisons

The first step undertaken was to run the ARM3 and

MESOPUFF-II for a hypothetical point source located in southcentral

Virginia and calculate the concentrations of pollutants

which might reach Shenandoah National Park. These analyses

used available National Weather Service data for July 1984

(Figure 1). The results of these analyses were unexpected.



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