For the interim recommendation, the IWAQM only considered

models which could meet the Guideline criteria for the use of

alternative models, described above. Due to the results of the

above evaluations, the model features, the availability of the

models, and the relative familiarity of the MESOPUFF-II model

and the ARM3 to the IWAQM, these models seemed the logical

choice to consider for this interim recommendation. The IWAQM

considered that either model was applicable on a theoretical

basis, that the available evaluation data bases, referred to

above, are adequate, although not ideal for the purposes cited

herein, and that the evaluations of the models indicated that

there was not a systematic bias toward underestimation. While

these models meet the Guideline criteria, the IWAQM recognizes

that there are potentially other models which might be better

suited for a particular application, but for general long range

transport modeling, the aforementioned models should be



The following is an excerpt from the abstract of the

Development of the MESOPUFF-II Dispersion Model, (Scire et al.,

1984a), which provides a good summary of the nature of and

features of the MESOPUFF-II model:

...MESOPUFF-II is a Lagrangian variable-trajectory

puff superposition model suitable for modeling the

transport, diffusion and removal of air pollutants

from multiple point and area sources at transport

distances beyond the range of conventional straightline

Gaussian plume models (i.e., beyond  10-50 km).

It is an extensively modified version of the

MESOscale PUFF (MESOPUFF) model (Benkley and Bass,

1979). Major additions and enhancements include:

use of hourly surface meteorological data and twice



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