The causes of model/data discrepancies can be largely

traced to inadequate wind field modeling that leads

to an incorrect temporal and spatial positioning of

the plume, and the use of the Turner curves to

downwind distances beyond which they can accurately

represent the scales of atmospheric turbulence. The

use of multilayer wind field models and the use of

the Heffter formula for lateral plume dispersion

close to the source appear to improve model


The above model evaluation study was being conducted about

the time that the Acid Rain Mountain Mesoscale Model (ARM3) was

being completed. As the final portion of the Rocky Mountain

Acid Deposition Model Assessment Project, the ARM3 was

evaluated against the same data bases, using the same

statistics. The results of that evaluation were that the

overall performance of the ARM3 was similar to that of

MESOPUFF-II (Moore et al., 1990). Again, it should be noted

that the data bases used in these analyses were not designed to

stress the models' ability to simulate transport and dispersion

in complex terrain.

The MESOPUFF-II model was also evaluated against data

collected during the Cross-Appalachian Tracer Experiment

(CAPTEX) (Godowitch, 1989). This experiment did include some

transport and dispersion over complex terrain. This study

concluded that any bias in the model estimates was toward overprediction

of measured concentrations.



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