contained different features that would be desirable attributes

in an acid deposition model for the Rocky Mountain region.

Hence, the conceptual design of the mesoscale acid deposition

model uses modules selected from various existing

meteorological and acid deposition models." This ultimately

lead to the development of the Acid Rain Mountain Mesoscale

Model (ARM3).

While there have been a number of reviews and surveys of

models and modeling features which could potentially address

long range transport and visibility and acid deposition

effects, there have been relatively few model evaluation

efforts against field data. One such effort examined eight

short-term, long-range transport models (Carhart et al., 1989).

The models were tested against two tracer data bases. One of

the data bases was collected in Oklahoma from perfluorocarbon

tracer releases upwind of sampling arcs placed at 100 and 600

km. The second data base was collected at the Savanna River

Plant from the release of Kr gas from a 62 m stack. The 85

samplers from this experiment were at distances from 28-144 km

downwind. The main method used in the evaluation of the

performance of the models was the application of the American

Meteorological Society (AMS) Statistics. Additional statistics

were added to the AMS recommended list in order to assist in

interpreting the results. In addition, graphical analyses were

used to supplement the statistical comparisons in order to shed

light on the causes of model performance trends identified by

the statistics. The data bases both involve an inert tracer,

therefore, the evaluations only deal with the transport and

dispersion algorithms of the models and not the deposition or

chemical conversion algorithms. The field experiments were not

designed to evaluate dispersion in complex terrain. Some of

the important conclusions of this study were:



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