The IWAQM work plan (EPA, 1992) describes a phased

approach to satisfy the modeling needs described above.

Phase 1 consists of reviewing EPA guidance and "off-the-shelftechnology"

for recommending a modeling approach to meet the

immediate need for a regional scale model for ongoing

permitting activity. It is important to note that in order to

satisfy this immediate need, the IWAQM restricted itself to

"off-the-shelf-technology." Phase 1, described herein, is

based on current EPA guidance and existing models, which have

been further reviewed by the IWAQM. During Phase 2, the

workgroup will augment Phase 1 with a review of other available

models and make a recommendation of the most appropriate

modeling techniques. The Phase 2 recommendation will represent

a compromise between the current modeling state-of-science and

best available operational computer capabilities. The IWAQM

recognizes this later recommendation may change the initial,

first phase, interim recommendation. More advanced modeling

techniques will be considered in Phase 3.

Models used to evaluate the impact of sources of air

pollution on the PSD increments and National Ambient Air

Quality Standards (NAAQS), are required to follow the Guideline

on Air Quality Models (Revised) (EPA, 1986). (Hereafter,

referred to as the Guideline.) For many situations, preferred

models, considered generally applicable under a variety of

circumstances, are defined. When a physical situation exists

for which there are no preferred models, criteria are

established in the Guideline to use appropriate methods. These

criteria are:

1. The model can be demonstrated to be applicable

to the problem on a theoretical basis, and

2. the data bases which are necessary to perform

the analysis are available and adequate, and



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