The IWAQM assessed two models for this recommendation, the

MESOPUFF-II model and the Acid Rain Mountain Mesoscale Model

(ARM3). It was believed that the transport and dispersion

portions of both models could be consistent with requirements

outlined in the Guideline on Air Quality Models (Revised) (EPA,

1986). Upon careful examination of both models, however,

coding errors were discovered in the ARM3, which potentially

invalidated its previous evaluations. Therefore, the MESOPUFFII

is being recommended, since it satisfies requirements for

Class I area evaluation.

The meteorological preprocessor which is used by the

MESOPUFF-II model (MESOPAC) does not account for terrain

influences on the wind field. Also, the IWAQM has shown that

MESOPAC produces discontinuities in the mixing height field.

The IWAQM has reasoned that the possible errors introduced by

the shortcomings of MESOPAC are outweighed by the immediate

need for the Phase 1 recommendation. Therefore, the

recommendation, as stated below, is being made at this time.

However, the IWAQM has identified an existing meteorological

preprocessor which could be used, in place of MESOPAC. This

preprocessor utilizes a technique for smoothing the mixing

height fields and accounts for terrain through the use of a

diagnostic wind model. It is the IWAQM's intention to revise

the Phase 1 recommendation, to substitute this processor for

MESOPAC, as soon as it has been adequately tested within the

MESOPUFF II structure.

Recommendations for running the MESOPUFF-II model are

provided for increment, NAAQS, and AQRV analyses. Methods are

also provided for combining its results with the results from

steady-state, Gaussian plume models, which are generally used

for calculating impacts from sources closer than 50 kilometers

from receptors. A technique for evaluating regional haze


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