The need for a consistent, technically credible approach

for evaluating the impacts of sources of air pollution located

more than 50 kilometers from Class I wilderness areas and

national parks, on those areas, has been identified. The

Interagency Workgroup on Air Quality Modeling (IWAQM),

consisting of representatives from the agencies responsible for

managing the wilderness and national park resources [the U.S.

Forest Service (USFS), the National Park Service (NPS), and the

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)], and the Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA), was formed to develop regional

analysis techniques to evaluate such impacts. The major charge

of the IWAQM is to develop a modeling approach for the

permitting of new and modified air pollution sources which

impact these Federal Class I areas. To this end the IWAQM has

developed a multi-year workplan (EPA, 1992) which is to be

implemented in three phases. Recognizing the immediate need

within the permitting community, the first phase of the

workplan called for an interim recommendation, by October of

1992. Given the time constraints and the practical limitations

of resources and hardware, Phase 1 was designed to provide the

best approach from existing "off-the-shelf-techniques." This

report documents the work performed and conclusions reached in

support of the Phase 1 recommendation (stated below).

Therefore, the IWAQM is proposing a technique, which will

satisfy the above listed need, to be used in the interim, until

a more refined technique is recommended in Phase 2. The

recommended Phase 1 approach is to use the Lagrangian puff

model, MESOPUFF-II (Scire et al., 1984b), to evaluate the

impacts of pollutants from sources located more than 50

kilometers from Class I areas, up to several hundred kilometers

from Class I areas. The impacts of concern are the allowable

Class I increases in pollutants (increments), the National


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