The members of the IWAQM acknowledge the special efforts

of John Vimont of the National Park Service for composing the

contents of this document and conducting most of the technical

work. The IWAQM would also like to acknowledge Alan Cimorelli

and John Irwin of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency;

Richard Fisher of the U.S. Forest Service; Elwyn Rolofson of

the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Patrick Hanrahan of the

State of Oregon, Department of Environmental Quality; Kenneth

McBee and James Browder of the Commonwealth of Virginia,

Department of Air Pollution Control; and Mark Scruggs of the

National Park Service for their input and suggestions on

assembling this document and their subsequent review. IWAQM

also thanks Brenda Cannady for her help in preparing and

proofreading the final text.



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deutsch: DIS CUS  DES  RAD

castellano: DIS CUS DES  RAD   english: DIS CUS DES RAD  


 português: DIS CUS DES RAD   italiano:   DIS CUS  DES RAD


français:  DIS CUS DES RAD