The Interagency Workgroup on Air Quality Modeling (IWAQM)

was formed to provide a focus for development of technically

sound, regional air quality models for regulatory assessments

of pollutant source impacts on Federal Class I areas. Meetings

were held with personnel from interested Federal agencies, viz.

the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Forest Service,

the National Park Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Service. The purpose of these meetings was to review

respective regional modeling programs, to develop an

organizational framework, and to formulate reasonable

objectives and plans that could be presented to management for

support and commitment. The members prepared a memorandum of

understanding (MOU) that incorporated the goals and objectives

of the workgroup and obtained signatures of management

officials in each participating agency. Although no States are

signatories, their participation in IWAQM functions is

explicitly noted in the MOU.

This Phase 1 Report is published by the IWAQM in an effort

to provide the sponsoring agencies and other interested parties

information on appropriate "off-the-shelf" methods for

estimating long range transport impacts of air pollutants on

Federal Class I areas and impacts on regional visibility. The

IWAQM members anticipate issuing additional publications

related to progress toward meeting the IWAQM goals and

objectives, the results of model evaluation studies, proposed

and final recommendations on modeling systems for regulatory

applications, and other topics related to specific objectives

in the MOU.



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