# of exceedances (monitor with most


Identity of monitor may change; closest

measure of the NAAQS, however number of

exceedances may often be small and

reflects use of a step function, making this

an unstable trend parameter.

Ozone design value (monitor with highest 4th

high hourly daily maximum over a 3-year


Close to definition of NAAQS & more

stable than # of exceedances, however the

design value could be dominated by a single

year and could be sensitive to

meteorological differences.

Total number of exceedances (all monitors

in nonattainment area or nearby)

More stable than similar measure for a

single monitor, but still likely subject to

large annual fluctuations.

Highest 2nd high daily maximum ozone

concentration observed each year

Avoids problem of one bad year dominating

for 3-years, but still subject to large annual


Highest running average 2nd high daily

maximum ozone concentration, averaged

over 3 consecutive years

Somewhat more stable, but diverges more

from the form of the NAAQS.

Highest 95th percentile daily maximum

ozone concentration

More stable, but differs from the form of the



Total number of hours with observed

concentrations greater than 124 ppb

Differs from form of NAAQS, may be

subject to some of the same problems as

parameters dealing with number of

exceedances, but likely less so.


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