1.3 Perform A Weight Of Evidence Determination

A weight of evidence determination consists of a review of the results of the analyses

mentioned in Section 1.2. Analysis results for each of the three identified issues should be

considered. Make a determination on how the preponderance of information from each set of

results are consistent with the hypothesis that the SIP is on track toward attainment. If, for

some reason, it is not feasible to address one of these issues, document the reasons why not.


Include the following documentation for the weight of evidence determination used in the

mid-course review:

- descriptions of the data used to support each analysis;

- identification of air quality models, statistical models or analytical techniques used;

- outcome of each analysis and whether it is consistent with the hypothesis that the SIP

is on track;

- assessment of the credibility of each type of analysis used in the mid-course review;

- a narrative describing the rationale used to conclude that the weight of evidence

supports or does not support a conclusion that the SIP is on track.

The mid-course review should make use of the most up-to-date analytical techniques and

models such as MOBILE6, BEIS3 and/or NONROAD. In many cases this will require an

assessment of the impact changing from one analytical technique or model to another will

have on the original SIP analysis results.

2.0 What Types Of Analysis Should I Consider To Address Key Issues In The Mid-course




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