Highly Recommended Analyses Additional Optional Analyses

7. Administrative reviews:

a. Review of progress on previous State and local

control measures implemented or underway. At a

minimum, the review must address whether all the

rules needed to effect emission reductions have been

adopted. The review must assess the degree of

implementation of local measures using available


b. A conclusion as to whether attainment is expected by

the attainment date (on or off-track). This would

account for an anticipated EPA assessment of

national and regional measures.

c. If attainment is not anticipated by the attainment date,

the review should contain an identification of reasons

why attainment is not anticipated.

d. If attainment is not anticipated by the attainment date,

and the MCR analysis indicates that local short-term

corrective measures could be taken to help put the

area back on track toward attainment, then the

submission could identify such measures.

8. Consultation with EPA regarding any analyses

contemplated that is not in Columns 1 or 2 above.

Table 2 below outlines the process and recommended timing of the MCR process. The dates in this

table are based on performance of the MCR in 2004, but comparable timeframes should be used

where the MCR is performed in a different year. Deviations in timing or approach should be discussed

in advance with the appropriate Regional Office.



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