Highly Recommended Analyses Additional Optional Analyses

6The target needs to be derived only if results of analyses 1, 2 and 3 above does not project


7Estimates of inventory change from the year the MCR is performed (e.g., 2004) to the

attainment date are derived from interpolation of ROP SIP 2002, 2005, and (where appropriate) 2007

inventories and new control measure emission benefits and implementation schedules. A new inventory

would not be needed for the year the MCR is performed (e.g., 2004). This approach assumes that

Regional NOx reductions are substantially implemented by 5/2004. The emission change from the year

the MCR is performed (e.g., 2004) to the attainment date can be multiplied by previously-derived

ozone/emissions sensitivity factors, and the result added to 124 ppb to obtain the target.

4. An identification of an ozone “target”6 for the year the

MCR is performed (e.g., 2004) using techniques cited in

the technical guidance.7

Tech. Guidance citation: 3.2

Identification of an ozone target for the

year the MCR is performed (e.g.,

2004) using Air Quality Modeling.

Tech. Guidance citation: 2.3

5. A discussion of observed differences in upwind and

downwind monitors to attempt to ascertain if any lack of

progress toward attainment is caused by local or

transported emissions and ozone concentrations

Tech. Guidance citation: 2.2

6. A statement of the state’s current overall VOC / NOx

emission reduction strategy/approach. Where data are

available, PAMs ambient hydrocarbon data and NOy

measurements should be considered in this assessment.

Tech. Guidance citation: 2.1



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