March 28, 2002

SUBJECT: Mid-Course Review Guidance for the 1-Hour Ozone

Nonattainment Areas that Rely on Weight-of-Evidence

for Attainment Demonstration

FROM: Lydia N. Wegman, Director /S/

Air Quality Strategies & Standards Division, OAQPS

J. David Mobley, Acting Director /S/

Emissions, Monitoring and Analysis Division, OAQPS

TO: Air Division Directors, Regions I - X


This memorandum–

1. Transmits the technical guidance for performing Mid-Course Reviews (MCR), Recommended

Approach for Performing Mid-course Review of SIP’s to Meet the 1-hour NAAQS for Ozone.

(See Attachment.)

The guidance was developed primarily for certain eastern States with serious or severe

nonattainment areas that have committed in their 1-hour ozone SIPs to complete and submit a MCR or

related analysis (such as an early attainment assessment). This guidance may also prove useful to other

areas that may submit new or revised attainment demonstrations relying on weight-of-evidence. In

addition, this guidance may have other uses that EPA may reference from time to time.

2. Provides policy guidance for using the MCR technical guidance.

The EPA’s modeling and attainment demonstration guidance1 provides that States using long

term projections (which is the case for severe and extreme nonattainment areas, as well as serious areas

requesting attainment date extensions) commit in their SIPs to perform a mid-course review. Also,

EPA’s proposed rulemaking on the 1-hour ozone SIPs for ten nonattainment areas (December 16,


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