1. Choose the two PWD's which contain the highest areawide

daily maximum ozone values from 1987 to the most recent

year with data available. These represent two of the

meteorological regimes to consider in the attainment


2. The third "meteorological regime" to be considered in the

attainment test is comprised of all exceedance days

previously categorized as "other" plus those belonging to

any PWD not chosen in step 1.

3. Identify the top 3-ranked exceedance days from within

each of the three meteorological regimes identified in

steps 1 and 2. These days are candidates for modeling in

the attainment test. Final choice from among these

candidates is based on criteria identified in

Section 3.1.

4. It may happen that one or more of the meteorological

regimes identified in step 1 contains fewer than 3

exceedance days. If this occurs, exceedance days

included within PWD's which have been lumped in the third

meteorological regime (see step 2) may be added to one or

both of the first two regimes. If this proves necessary,

selection of days to supplement those in one or both of

the first two regimes needs to be decided on a case-bycase

basis keeping in mind the goal of this exercise: to

provide a choice of exceedance days reflecting high ozone

concentrations with meteorological conditions which

frequently coincide with observed exceedances.



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