Performance Evaluation Tests

The graphical, statistical, and other measures to be used in

the model performance evaluation should be specified. At a

minimum, the tests recommended in Chapter 5 should be included.

Additional measures may also be considered and should be described

if they are to be used.


Identification of Attainment-Year Mandated Control Measures

The Protocol Document should include a description of the 1990

CAAA control measures and other measures mandated to be implemented

by the attainment year.

Methodologies for Generating Control Strategy Emission Inventories

The procedures for deriving alternative-control-strategy

emission scenarios to meet the study objectives should be described.

A description of how the control scenarios would relate

to applicable control strategies for areas adjacent to the modeling

domain (particularly upwind areas) should be included.

Procedures for Attainment Demonstration

Procedures for using the model simulation results in

demonstrating attainment of the ozone NAAQS should be included.


The documentation and analyses that will be submitted for EPA

Regional Office review should be described. Also, any

documentation other than the Modeling Protocol requiring EPA

Regional Office approval should be described.



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