Horizontal Grid Resolution

The Protocol should describe the horizontal grid resolution to

be applied to the modeling domain. If a resolution coarser than

5 x 5 km is chosen, justification for this choice should be


Number of Vertical Layers

The Protocol should specify the number of vertical layers to

be used in the UAM simulations. If a layering scheme other than

the one recommended in Chapter 3 is chosen, justification for using

the alternative layering should be given.

Emission Inventory

The assumptions, methodologies, and appropriate guidance

references to be used in constructing the modeling emission

inventory should be described. Quality assurance procedures should

also be described.

Specification of Initial and Boundary Conditions

The techniques to be used to specify the initial and boundary

conditions for the base meteorological episodes and the attainment

year should be described. The assumptions to be used in forecasting

attainment-year conditions should be documented. If a nested

grid approach is used (e.g., using predictions from the ROM through

the ROM/UAM Interface System), the details for implementation

should be described (see Chapter 3).


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