Base Meteorological Episode Selection

The episode selection criteria should be detailed, including

the methodology to group candidate episodes into meteorological

regimes. How the episodes will be used in the modeling study

should also be described.

Modeling Domain

The Protocol should describe the criteria for selecting the

size and location of the modeling domain. This would include a

description of the MSA/CMSA area size, locations of major sources

outside the MSA/CMSA that may affect it, sensitivity analyses that

may be conducted to assess boundary effects on domain predictions,

relationship of domain size to the episodes selected for use in the

modeling study, etc.

Horizontal Grid Resolution

The Protocol should describe the horizontal grid resolution to

be applied to the modeling domain. If a resolution coarser than

5 x 5 km is chosen, justification for this choice should be




n1151 - n1152 - n1153 - n1154 - n1155 - n1156 - n1157 - n1158 - n1159 - n1160 - n1161 - n1162 - n1163 - n1164 - n1165 - n1166 - n1167 - n1168 - n1169 - n1170 - n1171 - n1172 - n1173 - n1174 - n1175 - n1176 - n1177 - n1178 - n1179 - n1180 - n1181 - n1182 - n1183 - n1184 - n1185 - n1186 - n1187 - n1188 - n1189 - n1190 - n1191 - n1192 - n1193 - n1194 - n1195 - n1196 - n1197 - n1198 - n1199 - n1200


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