Relationship to Other Urban Area Modeling Protocols

In some cases, such as the Northeast U.S., nonattainment

MSA/CMSAs required to do attainment demonstrations may be linked to

other nonattainment MSA/CMSAs. It is important that procedures be

established for coordinating the Modeling Protocols among these

areas, and that these procedures be clearly specified in each

nonattainment area Modeling Protocol. It is likely that Modeling

Policy Oversight and Technical Committees will include some joint

membership among the nonattainment areas.

Relationship to Planning/Strategy Groups

Key planning agencies and others responsible for emission

projections or other model inputs should be identified, and the

means by which these groups interact to obtain realistic growth

projections and control strategies should be discussed.


Preprocessor Programs

The preprocessor programs to be used in constructing any of

the model input fields should be identified and described.

Data Bases

The proposed air quality and meteorological data bases should

be described. The completeness of the data base, techniques for

filling in missing data, and quality assurance procedures should be




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