The focus of any ozone attainment demonstration is on the

daily maximum 1-hour concentration predicted at each location

in the modeling domain. However, it is recommended that

responsible parties broaden the scope of an attainment demonstration

to examine the impact on other important metrics,

such as different concentration averaging times, population

exposure, subdomain and temporal impacts, effects on other

pollutant species, and other important measures that are

sensitive to emission control strategies.

For deriving initial and boundary conditions for a particular

urban-area domain, using appropriate regional model predictions

that reflect control measures applied in other urbanarea

domains within the regional modeling domain is


6.4 Using Modeling Results in the Attainment Demonstration

As described in Section 3.1, at least 3 primary episode days

should be modeled for the attainment demonstration. Also, a

minimum of 1 primary day should be modeled from each identified



n1151 - n1152 - n1153 - n1154 - n1155 - n1156 - n1157 - n1158 - n1159 - n1160 - n1161 - n1162 - n1163 - n1164 - n1165 - n1166 - n1167 - n1168 - n1169 - n1170 - n1171 - n1172 - n1173 - n1174 - n1175 - n1176 - n1177 - n1178 - n1179 - n1180 - n1181 - n1182 - n1183 - n1184 - n1185 - n1186 - n1187 - n1188 - n1189 - n1190 - n1191 - n1192 - n1193 - n1194 - n1195 - n1196 - n1197 - n1198 - n1199 - n1200


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