described in Section 6.4. Adjustments may be needed in

VOC controls, or NOx controls, or both.


The procedures for deriving control strategies for evaluation

in the attainment demonstration must be specified in the

Modeling Protocol.

Emission control strategies for linked urban-area modeling

domains (e.g., northeastern U.S. Corridor) should be coordinated

among State agencies having lead responsibility for

respective domains to ensure consistency among the domains.

6.3 Performing Attainment-Year Simulations to Assess Various

Control Strategies

Many graphical display and numerical procedures are available

for illustrating the effects of alternative emission control

strategies on predicted concentrations of ozone and other species.

For example, the emission levels in the control strategies are

often compared with the attainment-year base emissions. Also of

interest are comparisons with the inventory derived for purposes of

model performance evaluations and corresponding base-case UAM

results. Difference maps are extremely useful for illustrating

changes in daily maximum ozone predictions throughout the modeling



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