projected to take place from the 1990 base year to the future year.

For initial ozone concentrations, there is little basis for doing

anything other than assuming initial ozone remains constant. In

the absence of regional modeling results or better information, the

guidance in Reference 7 for specifying future boundary conditions

may be followed.


It is recommended that the EPA guidance document entitled

Procedures for Preparing Emissions Projections14 be consulted

for developing attainment-year inventories. The guidance

document provides procedures for projecting point-source,

area-source, mobile-source, and biogenic emissions, and

addresses projections of spatial, temporal, and chemical

composition changes between the 1990 SIP inventory and the

attainment-year inventory.

Also, if regional modeling predictions for the attainment year

are available, it is recommended that these be used to derive

the attainment-year initial and boundary conditions for the

attainment-year model simulations (see Chapter 3).

6.2 Construction of Attainment Year Emission Control Strategies



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