If statistical results are worse than the above ranges and

graphical analyses also indicate poor model performance, users

should consider choosing an alternative meteorological episode for

modeling. Performance evaluations should be done on other

candidate episodes to identify those that might result in better

model performance.

If statistical results are worse than the above ranges for any

of the three statistics, but graphical analyses generally indicate

acceptable model performance, simulation results used for attainment

demonstration should be applied with caution. Users may

consider conducting performance evaluations on other candidate

episodes to identify any that might yield improved model


A minimum of 3 primary episode days is required for use in the

model simulations for attainment demonstration (Section 6.4). If

fewer than 3 primary episode days can be identified that have

acceptable model performance for the attainment demonstration, the

responsible regulatory agencies are strongly encouraged to take

steps that will improve model performance for any future attainment

demonstrations. For serious and above nonattainment areas, this

may require short, intensive field studies to supplement installation

of the enhanced monitoring network required under the CAAA of



It is recommended that the model performance for each

meteorological episode be assessed as follows:



n1151 - n1152 - n1153 - n1154 - n1155 - n1156 - n1157 - n1158 - n1159 - n1160 - n1161 - n1162 - n1163 - n1164 - n1165 - n1166 - n1167 - n1168 - n1169 - n1170 - n1171 - n1172 - n1173 - n1174 - n1175 - n1176 - n1177 - n1178 - n1179 - n1180 - n1181 - n1182 - n1183 - n1184 - n1185 - n1186 - n1187 - n1188 - n1189 - n1190 - n1191 - n1192 - n1193 - n1194 - n1195 - n1196 - n1197 - n1198 - n1199 - n1200


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