Additional measures may include the following:

Average station peak prediction accuracy - This is a measure

of peak performance at all monitor sites, using pairings based

on time and space.

Bias of all pairs above 60 ppb - This bias metric measures the

overall degree to which model predictions overestimate or

underestimate observed values. Note, however, that a zero

bias for several observation-prediction pairs can be caused by

a canceling effect of overprediction and underprediction in

different subregions.

Bias of all station peaks - For this metric, bias calculations

are performed on observation-prediction pairs associated with

peak ozone values for each monitoring station. This metric

provides information on the model's ability to replicate peak

ozone observations.

Fractional bias for peak concentration - Fractional bias is

calculated for both the mean and the standard deviation of

peak predicted and observed values. This metric provides

additional information on the model's ability to replicate

peak ozone observations.



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