At a minimum, the following graphical displays are recommended

in the evaluation of each meteorological episode:

Time-series plots of predicted and observed hourly ozone

values should be constructed for each simulation period for

each monitoring station where data are available.

Ground-level isopleths or tile maps of the spatial distribution

of predicted concentrations should be constructed for

selected hours. Also, ground-level isopleths or tile maps of

the daily ozone maxima should be constructed. The corresponding

observed concentrations should be superimposed on the

predicted concentration isopleths to analyze spatial plume

patterns and ozone magnitudes.

Scatterplots should be constructed for all hourly predictionobservation

pairs for each simulation; quantile-quantile

plots are also recommended for each simulation.

The development of additional graphical displays, such as the

paired predictions of daily maxima, is encouraged. The

graphical displays to be used in the model performance

evaluation should be described in the Protocol.



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