5.1.1 Graphical performance procedures

Graphical displays can provide important information on

qualitative relationships between predicted and observed concentrations.

At a minimum, the following graphical displays should be

developed for each meteorological episode: time-series plots,

ground-level isopleths, quantile-quantile plots, and scatterplots

of predictions and observations.

Time-series plots - The time-series plot, developed for each

monitoring station in the modeling domain, depicts the hourly

predicted and observed concentrations for the simulation period.

The time series reveals the model's ability to reproduce the peak

prediction, the presence of any significant bias within the diurnal

cycle, and a comparison of the timing of the predicted and observed

ozone maxima.17

Ground-level isopleths or tile maps - Ground-level isopleths

or tile maps display the spatial distribution of predicted

concentrations at a selected hour. Isopleths of predicted daily

maxima may also be constructed. The isopleths provide information

on the magnitude and location of predicted pollutant "plumes."

Superimposing observed hourly or daily maximum concentrations on

the predicted isopleths reveals information on the spatial

alignment of predicted and observed plumes. Subregional biases of

predictions versus observations may result from spatial




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