As part of the UAM Postprocessing System, the EPA is currently

developing a model performance utility that will contain the

performance measures listed below. Users will be able to access

this utility for model performance evaluation testing. This

utility is expected to be available in late 1991. Model users will

be advised on its availability through the EPA SCRAM BBS.

The measures used in the performance evaluation should include

both qualitative (e.g., graphical) and quantitative (e.g.,

statistical) analyses. Statistical measures may provide a meaningful

test of model performance for dense monitoring networks, such

as those for special field studies. However, for some routine

monitoring networks where coverage may be sparse, statistical

measures may provide a distorted view of model performance,

especially for paired values.

Reference 17 provides detailed descriptions of graphical and

statistical measures available for assessing the performance of

photochemical grid models. The Technical Committee should consult

this reference when formulating model performance evaluation

methods, and may want to use it for developing additional performance

evaluation procedures other than those recommended in this

Guidance Document.



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