The diagnostic analyses described in this chapter are

considered to be a starting point for a specific modeling study.

Diagnostic tests discussed in Reference 17 should be considered

whenever possible. Also, the EPA is developing a UAM Postprocessing

System18 to assist in diagnostic testing of the base

meteorological episodes. Availability of this software will be

announced through the SCRAM BBS.


Diagnostic testing of the model should begin with quality

assurance testing on input data files (Section 4.1).

Diagnostic testing of each base meteorological episode should

follow (Section 4.2). Additional diagnostic sensitivity tests

for the base episode should also be considered (Section 4.3),

including using zero emissions and/or zero boundary conditions,

and varying mixing height and wind speed estimates.

Agreement should be obtained among members of the Technical

Committee concerning input field modifications arising from

the quality assurance testing. These modifications should be

based on scientific or physical reasoning and not just on what

will improve model performance. All changes to the data that

result from the diagnostic testing should be documented and


In addition, all diagnostic steps should be documented to

avoid misinterpretation of model performance results. After

confidence is gained that the simulation is based on

reasonable interpretations of observed data, and model

concentration fields generally track (both spatially and

temporally) known urban-scale plumes, a performance evaluation

based on numerical measures is conducted for each base

meteorological episode (see Chapter 5).




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