4.3 Step 3: Additional Base Meteorological Episode Sensitivity


In addition to running the base meteorological episode

diagnostic simulation, other episode diagnostic simulations that

perturb levels of emissions, initial and boundary conditions, and

meteorological inputs may provide valuable information for

identifying critical input areas and ensuring proper domain and

episode selection. The following sampling of simulations, which

are equivalent to sensitivity tests on major model inputs,

illustrate the utility of this exercise.

1. Zero emissions - To indicate levels of sensitivity to

emissions, all emissions are set to zero and the

resulting predicted concentrations are compared with the

base meteorological episode predictions that include

emissions. A lack of substantial sensitivity may

indicate a need to reexamine the selection of episodes or

domains. Variations can be performed by zeroing out

emission subsets, such as biogenic emissions, mobilesource

emissions, and individual source categories.

2. Zero boundary concentrations - Inflow concentrations at

the lateral boundaries and top of the modeling domain are

reduced to zero or low background levels. Sensitivity of

concentrations in the inner core and downwind portions of

the modeling domain provide a measure of the boundary

conditions' influence. This simulation can identify

transport-dominated episodes and provide assurance that

the upwind extent of the domain is adequate for episodes

where intradomain emissions dominate. In minimum transport

conditions, the second- and third-day concentrations

(inner core and downwind locations) should be relatively

insensitive to boundary-condition concentration changes.



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