Table 2 lists the recommended default boundary values for the

chemical species used in the model. Use of default boundary

values under regional transport conditions should be closely

evaluated. When using default values, the boundary of the

domain should extend as far upwind as practicable.

To diminish dependence on arbitrary specification of initial

conditions, a simulation should begin at least 1 day prior to

the primary day.

Use of regional model concentration predictions - Output from

regional-scale models such as the EPA ROM provides estimates of

initial and boundary conditions (as well as certain meteorological

inputs) for urban-scale models. This is especially important under

regional transport conditions. The ROM-UAM Interface System

referred to in Section 3.5.1 can use ROM concentration predictions

to develop UAM input files of initial and boundary conditions.

This interfacing software should be used for UAM domains nested

within more extensive ROM domains. Using the ROM is the

recommended approach for generating boundary conditions. It is the

most technically defensible approach for estimating future boundary

conditions for the attainment year.

Certain considerations arise when using interfacing methods.

First, selection of historical episodes is limited to those that



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