routes; generally, look for obvious omission

errors; plot VOCs, NOx and CO by grid cell and

cross-check with source distribution for

logical patterns, such as high NOx levels

associated with major power plants

Meteorology: Plot surface and elevated wind vectors and

compare with monitoring stations and weather

maps for consistent patterns; compare mixing

height fields with sounding data; check

temperature fields

In quality assurance testing of component input fields, the

emphasis is on capturing rather large errors before performing

model simulations.


It is recommended that quality assurance testing of the air

quality, emissions, and meteorological data input files be

conducted before proceeding to diagnostic testing of the base

case meteorological episodes. At a minimum, emissions data

should be quality assured by looking at emission distribution

maps and known source locations and emission strengths.

4.2 Step 2: Diagnostic Testing of the Base Case Meteorological




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