The following sections describe recommended steps for

conducting diagnostic testing of each base case meteorological

episode simulation.

4.1 Step 1: Quality Assurance Testing of Component Fields

Starting with initial, quality-assured data, input data are

developed for use in various UAM preprocessors. The first stage of

diagnostic testing should focus on assessing the accuracy of major

UAM input fields produced by the UAM preprocessors. Generally,

the testing is qualitative in nature and based on comparing visual

displays of preprocessor outputs with patterns exhibited by the

observed data. Prior to conducting a base case meteorological

episode simulation, individual air quality, meteorological, and

emissions fields should be reviewed for consistency and obvious

omission errors. Both spatial and temporal characteristics of the

data should be evaluated. These checks may be only cursory, but

errors uncovered by this component testing might be extremely

difficult to diagnose later in the modeling process, when errors

could arise from any subset of the data inputs. Examples of

component testing include the following:

Air Quality: Check for correct order of magnitude,

especially when using background values;

assure reasonable speciation

Emissions: Plot various source types by grid cell and

review major source locations with local

emissions patterns; check major highway




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