Two useful graphical displays for both quality assurance and

diagnostic testing are mapping and time-series plots.

Mapping is a two- or three-dimensional spatial display of

values illustrated with various contouring and tiling methods.

These displays may depict political boundaries and monitoring site

locations as well. Mapping capability is a multipurpose tool

applicable for all forms of gridded data, such as future-year

emission control strategy results and most input data fields (e.g.,

gridded wind fields, temperatures, and emission densities). Pointsource

locations may also be depicted to ensure that they are

properly located. Spatial displays of predicted and observed ozone

patterns are particularly useful as part of a model performance


Time-series plots display hourly measured and predicted ozone

values for specific locations such as monitoring sites. Timeseries

plots provide an overview of the temporal performance of the

model predictions. Comparison of time-series plots across multiple

monitoring sites provides an indication of spatial response. Even

though measured VOC or NOx species data may be limited, it may

still be useful to plot time-series plots for some of these

species, particularly for cases where ozone predictions do not meet

expectations. Such plots may provide insights to the ozone

prediction patterns and also to data base inconsistencies requiring

further investigation.




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