3.7.7 Consistency with national inventories

Comparisons should be made between the modeling inventory and

the 1990 SIP and RFP tracking emission inventories reported in the

EPA Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS).16 Although

these inventories will not be identical, such a check can be

considered part of the quality assurance process. Major

inconsistences should be noted and documented. It is especially

important that those planning to use ROM-derived air quality data

in the model simulations follow applicable guidance/regulations for

reporting statewide emissions data to AIRS. These national

inventories are used in the ROM modeling. As noted previously,

using the ROM is the preferred procedure for estimating UAM

boundary conditions and meteorological inputs. Attainment

demonstrations will be less consistent if the ROM and the UAM use

significantly different emissions data bases.


For an acceptable attainment demonstration, documentation

should be provided that shows that the modeling emission

inventory is consistent with the emission inventory being

reported in AIRS in accordance with applicable guidance and




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