The UAM EPS4 requires the specification of a plume-rise cutoff

level for delineating elevated point sources from area sources. If

the plume rise that the EPS calculates for a given point source is

below the user-specified level, then the point-source emissions are

placed in the area-source emissions file. If the plume rise is

above the level, the emissions are treated as coming from elevated

point sources and are then placed within the appropriate UAM

vertical layer.


Point-source cutoff levels of 10 tons/yr for VOCs and no

greater than 100 tons/yr for NOx are recommended for inclusion

in the modeling emission inventory. Point sources must have

the stack data needed to calculate effective plume height, so

that the heights at which emissions are injected into the

modeling system can be determined.

The Technical Committee may consider using a lower plume-rise

cutoff level, particularly in areas where there may be a high

density of point sources. Additionally, the CAAA specifies

"major source" definitions that have lower cutoff limits for

purposes such as application of reasonably available control

technology (RACT), new source review (NSR) and creation of

Emission Statements.15 The Technical Committee may consider

using these lower cutoff limits in the modeling inventory.

The Technical Committee should specify the plume-rise cutoff

level to be used in delineating point-source and area-source

emissions, and the level should be identified in the Protocol




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